Hi, I’m Helen. My husband is working in Bangalore, India for five months. I, along with our two college students and our high school son, will join him for several months. I  do not relish traveling to a developing country, mostly because I have Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia. I live with constant body aches and tiredness.  I usually have enough energy to be up and around for about five hours per day. While this limits me, it also has focused my life on what is the most important. For me, that is my relationship with Jesus Christ and my family. I’ve home schooled (from the bed) two kids into college and have one high schooler.

I know God has adventures in store for my family and I, in India. This blog will be about the journey. Thanks for considering joining me.


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  1. Helen, what a joy it has been to read your posts. You are quite the descriptive writer! It seems you have been almost overwhelmed with all the new sights and sounds. I can relate to my own experiences last year. But I’m convinced that in the midst of this “overwhelm-ness” that the Lord has a master plan for you and your family.

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