End of Ramadan

On Monday, August 20th Ramadan ended with a huge celebration. Ramadan is a month long holiday where the Muslim’s  fast and pray all day, only eating at night. The locals call it Ramzan and the final day is called Eid. We live close to a Mosque and we never saw such a crowd.

At first all these beggars were lined up along the road to the Mosque, some with a small blanket or scarf laid out before them. Alms to the poor is a part of the celebration. Then the “men in white” came, parking their motorcycles and completely blocking the road. They shut down the street as thousands of men flocked to the Mosque. We stood on our balcony and gaped.

The whole time the men were walking you could hear chanting coming from the speakers. Then, since apparently not everyone could get INTO the mosque, they stood on the street. In the picture below, toward the top, all the white is all the men in the street.

Then, without warning, all the men got down on their knees to pray. What a sight. Within an hour, the road was deserted. I’m not sure where the women were, perhaps at home preparing food? I’m not sure what else happens for the holiday, but it was quite fascinating.


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