Musical Fountain

One evening this week, Annie, Jor and I hopped a rickshaw down to Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain. I had read about it in the travelers book from my Overseas Women’s Club. That book has turned out to be super valuable.

We arrived just a bit after the half hour show began and sat on rock risers/steps, with a sparse crowd of people. We had been to a musical fountain show at WonderLa, a local water amuesment park, but I still didn’t quite know what to expect.

I’ve never seen a musical fountain in the US, though Jor says he’s seen them in Las Vegas. The water show reminds me of fireworks, with the colored lights and variety of ¬†types of explosions. It is really hard to describe, but they play Indian music and the water jets up here and there, creating patterns with colored lighting. Quite delightful.

On the way back, we stopped to get an ice cream cone and ate it in the Rickshaw. Yum. When we came home, we watched a Bollywood movie. If you like musicals you will like Bollywood. Living in India and watching Bollywood is especially cool because we recognized certain locations we had visited in the movie.

I have to say, despite the culture shock, major inconveniences, the poverty, litter and smells – we are having the time of our lives. A trip never to be forgotten.


One thought on “Musical Fountain

  1. I’ve never seen a light show, Helen. These pictures are great, although I’m sure they don’t do it justice. You definitely are having the adventure of your life! Thank you for sharing it with us. Hugs…

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