Commercial Street

Commercial street, as the name connotes, is where there are numerous retail shops encompassing several blocks, here in Bangalore. Annie and I went there to look for souvenirs last week. For the first half hour or more, I followed Annie around like a deer in the headlights. There were streams of Indian people, narrow roads, holey sidewalks, beggars, along with constant horn-blaring  traffic. SENSORY OVERLOAD.  Eventually I acclimated and we were able to make some purchases. WHEW. The upside to this experience is that the prices are quite low. One hundred rupees = $2.

After wandering around for awhile, we ducked into a local McDonalds for rest and refreshments. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have that touch of America.  Though I have to say, they DO NOT SELL HAMBURGERS THERE!! Ha ha, you definitely know you are not in America when there are swarms of Indians and no beef! Only chicken burgers. Hello.

We purchased some gifts and finally found a Rickshaw driver to take us home. Drivers like to overcharge foreigners and/or give you a free ride if you stop at a shop on the way, where they insist that you don’t have to buy anything. So we had to walk away from several drivers before we plunked into one which cost less, but still too much. Whatever. Still super cheap. We paid 40 rupees one way ($.80) and 80 rs on the way home, ($1.60).

Annie will be leaving soon (back to college), so I am cherishing the time we have in crazy, exhilarating, India.


One thought on “Commercial Street

  1. Love reading your posts, Helen, seeing all these wonderful pictures! I’m glad I’m not the only one who would be a “deer in headlights” in such a place. LOL! Love your courage, my friend! Hugs!

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