Jaipur and the Taj

Our family enjoyed touring Jaipur. Our second day in Jaipur we saw a Foundry, where kings had their weapons made.

We got to see wild monkeys up close. So cool!

Later that day I got to ride an camel!

The next day we drove about 7 hours in a van to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. We stayed overnight in this fancy hotel and arose early to see the Taj at 8:00 AM. It was very hot and humid, so we were glad to have gone early. The Taj was fantastic. I had the same feeling that I did at the Grand Canyon, this feeling of being in the presence of something wonderful. Hard to describe.

After that, we drove to Deli, another 6 hour van trip, to fly back to Bangalore. Since it was Sunday, we had a little devotional time in the car and sang some songs. We played Angry Birds on my iPad, taking turns passing it around. That was fun. Since we had some time to kill before our flight, we asked our driver to take us to a Mall. Wow.  That was an experience. The mall was jam packed with people and most of the Indian women were wearing Western clothing. I even saw some people wearing shorts! I have never seen an Indian wearing shorts in Bangalore. Annie commented on the fact that she and I were wearing Indian clothes and Indians were wearing Western clothes. It seemed ironic. So my guess is Bangalore is more traditional than Deli. We flew back and arrived around midnight – a very long but fulfilling day.


One thought on “Jaipur and the Taj

  1. Love the pictures, Helen!! Especially the one of you on a camel. LOL The Taj Mahal looks incredible…. It’s so cool you and your family are getting to go to all these exotic places. What a great education.

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