Jaipur, India

We took a 2.5 hour flight to Jaipur, in northern India. Jaipur is also called “The Pink City” because hundreds of years ago, the king had the whole city painted pink to welcome a foreign dignitary. They’ve been painting things pink ever since. These are the gates to the city.

On the drive to our hotel, we noted quite a few differences between Bangalore and Jaipur. The Auto Rickshaws mostly had black tops and they also had the original type of rickshaw – the bicycle with two covered seats in the back.

In Bangalore, you always see cows wandering around and an occasional ox-cart. In Jaipur we saw a camel-cart. Camels!! I was so excited to see them. If fact, we got to ride one!

The weather in Jaipur is significantly more humid than Bangalore, making touring around a bit uncomfortable. The main attraction in Jaipur is Amber Fort. The Fort has a low wall all around it and houses a military barracks as well as palaces and court buildings.

We got to ride on elephants up into the Fort. That was pretty fun. The down side was getting somewhat assaulted by the hawkers who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

More about Jaipur in the next post.


One thought on “Jaipur, India

  1. I still can’t believe you’re way over in India, Helen!! The pictures are amazing!!! I love the one of you and hubby on the elephant!! And you rode a camel too? That must have been weird. After California, the heat and humidity must be getting to you, poor thing. I know it would me. What an adventure you are having!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

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